Animals in the Madagascar Rainforest thumbnail Lemurs are very social creatures.

The Madagascar rainforest is a wet, dense forest abundant with plant and animal life. The rainforest consists of several layers such as the forest floor and emergent layer. Many burrowing animals and spiders spend their lives on the forest floor. Climbing animals like monkeys and lemurs enjoy the tallest emergent layer or the second tallest canopy layer of the forest.

    • The tomato frog is a red frog found in the Madagascar rainforest. This frog has distinctive characteristics that are very different from your average bull frog. The tomato frog is red with a whitish-yellow underbelly and tiny yellow spots around its lips. The frog releases a sticky substance from its body to protect itself from predators.

    • The red-ruffed lemur has a reddish-brown coat and a large, thick, amber-colored tail. Red-ruffed lemurs have black faces and stomachs. Their coats are very fluffy and soft and they enjoy sharing parenting duties with other red-ruffed lemurs. The mothers will often nurse babies that are not even their own. However, the babies are left in the nest when the older lemurs search for food.

    • Bamboo lemurs enjoy spending time high up in the trees. Their coats range in color from gray to reddish-brown. At one time these lemurs were believed to be extinct, but now they are on the endangered species list. The name “bamboo lemur” comes from this animal’s love of eating bamboo. Bamboo lemurs also love leaves and other plants.

    • Chameleons are colorful lizards found in the Madagascar rainforest as well as other places. These animals are small, averaging about 8 inches, and they have the ability to change color. Many people believe that chameleons change based on their surroundings, but this is not the case. These animals change colors to communicate with mates and express emotion.

    • Mouse lemurs live in Madagascar as well as other rainforests. These small lemurs only grow about 28 cm (11 inches) long. The mouse lemur can fit inside the palm of your hand. These lemurs are brown and exhibit many behaviors similar to their larger cousins. Mouse lemurs are sometimes called dwarf lemurs.

  • Photo Credit ring tail lemur image by Steve Mutch from Fotolia.com



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