Name Description A Boy, a Dog, a Frog and a Friend When I was a small child (three or four?) a family friend gave me a set of small books containing A boy, a Dog, a Frog, and a Friend. I was mesmerized by Mercer Mayer’s classic pictures. A Fisherman’s Night Before Christmas A Little Bit of Rob (A Concept Book) Following the death of her older brother, Rob, young Lena and her parents attempt to assuage their grief and move on with their lives by going on an overnight crabbing expedition. As they step into their boat and set off to sea, they remember many past excursions shared with Rob. A Million Fish…More or Less Out fishing on the Bayou Clapateaux, young Hugh Thomas listens with delight when Papa-Daddy and Elder Abbajonto happen by to tell him a tall tale concerning a 500-pound turkey, a Spanish conquistador’s lantern that’s still burning, and “the longest, meanest cottonmouth I ever did see.” After they leave…… A Real Fishing Experience The Weavus Family stories were excellent. Each one was witty, value-driven and educational. The stories are a great addition to our school media center. Thank you for a fun way to learn about values. A River Dream A little boy takes a fantasy trip up the river by his house to fly-fish with his uncle. “A softly wrought story with significant content.”– A Salmon for Simon Simon has been trying all summer to catch a salmon and is about to give up for good, when a high-flying eagle drops a fish into Simon’s tide pool and Simon sets it free, but he must first find a way to get it back to the clear water of the ocean. All Dads on Deck All the Pee Wee Scouts are excited by a planned fishing excursion in honor of Father’s Day, except for Molly, who comes up with a scheme to ensure that no fish are hurt. Alpha Tales (Letter X: A Xylophone for X-ray Fish) (Grades PreK-1) An Early Winter Bauer explores the grim effects of Alzheimer’s disease in this intergenerational story. PW wrote, “The book offers a realistic depiction of this incapacitating disease.” Anansi Goes Fishing In what the author describes on the jacket as “a variation of a [West African] tale found in Joyce Cooper Arkhurst’s The Adventures of Spider,” the spider trickster is roundly tricked by his friend Turtle Arthur Goes Fishing : Fun & Educational Game Cards   At the Wish of the Fish: A Russian Folktale Barefoot Fisherman   Bird Boy Chang, the mute son of a cormorant fisherman, longs to be allowed to go on the year’s major fishing trip. He also wants to help raise a cormorant chick, a long and delicate undertaking. Set on a Chinese river boat, this small book has a large heart. Captains Courageous Kipling’s 1897 novel is set on the savage waters of the Grand Banks, where a millionaire’s son is swept off an ocean liner and picked up by fishing schooner, whose crew teaches him about life at sea. John Chancer has his hands full with this challenging text, and he’s not altogether successful, though there are flashes of very good work. Case of the Vanishing Fishhook Hank is the star of the hilarious, best-selling series that USA Today calls “the best family entertainment in years.” Hank is a West Texan cowdog whose position as Head of Ranch Security consistently lands him in all kinds of hilarious trouble! Even after an exhausting morning at work, Hank has energy to go on a fishing trip. Cat Goes to Sea   Catfish and Spaghetti   Chasing Fish Tales   Chasing Sharks   Chesapeake Boogaloo: Fish Scales, Game Trails, and Puppy Dog Tales Complete Guide to Fishing One of the best books from my childhood in the sixties. It changed my life. I still consider it the model for an introductory overall fishing book. A great author and illustrator. Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen   Curious George Goes Fishing Inspired by a vignette in the classic Curious George Flies a Kite, this amusing episode shows George at his curious best trying to catch a fish. Devils Bridge — Publishers Weekly “Much more than a fishing story” — Booklist “A fast easy read with an appealing main character” Disney’s Goof Troop: Goin’ Gold-Fishing   Edgar Badger’s Fishing Day   Ellie Bear and the Fly-Away Fly In the second book featuring L. L. Bean’s trademark bear, Ellie joins her uncle, L. L. Bear, for her first fly-fishing trip and runs into unexpected difficulties. The watercolors of the bears seem stiff; more successful are the nature scenes Essential Fishing for Teens (Outdoor Life)   Father Water, Mother Woods Like the adolescent boys that are their target audience, these reminiscences of boyhood hunting and fishing are awkward and intense. Paulsen portrays the Minnesota rivers and forests where he and his friends sought adventure in the late 1940s as more than sites to snag fish or bag grouse First Cast : Teaching Kids to Fly-Fish 165 b/w photos, 25 drawings, 6 x 9 .Based on a proven program for teaching fly fishing to children and youth Detailed, illustrated guide to the acclaimed Fly Fisher Apprentice Program Covers tackle, fly tying, casting, knots, wading Any adult who has ever tried to teach a child to fly-fish will be eager for this book. Phil Genova, nationally known for his work as founder and director of the Fly Fisher Apprentice Program, shares proven techniques he has developed through the years to motivate and teach kids to fly-fish. His approach is that kids should have fun as they learn. His program likewise instills the concepts of environmental awareness and stewardship of the land that are integral to the sport. Fish Tales: A Collection of Angling Stories   Fishermen (Careers)   Fishing (America at Work Series) Jessie visits Grandpa’s fish farm, then learns about her father’s job as a fish and wildlife officer. Twins Jamie and Trish accompany Mom to the mine where she works before visiting Dad’s steel plant. Using fictionalized formats to introduce two industries dependent on natural resources, the books identify terms, explain work procedures, and show the hazards of pollution, as well as some hopeful solutions Fishing (Ways of Life) Williams delves into the history of both occupations and examines how nations around the world approach these trades. Issues of contemporary interest, such as overfishing and forest conservation, add to the rich appeal of the titles, which are abundantly illustrated with color photographs and drawings. Fishing : Have Fun, Be Smart Fishing discusses salt and freshwater varieties of the sport and the equipment they require. This book will have the most appeal to children interested in participating in this activity. However, a few chapters have useful report information, such as “Issues Surrounding Fishing” Fishing Basics   Fishing Bears (Pull Ahead Books) Using very simple text and clear, full-color photos on every page, these books present basic facts about their respective animals. All feature lots of questions such as “Why do you think rattlesnakes buzz?” or “How is your house like a den?” This interactive approach is designed to spark discussion and should be especially appealing to young listeners. Fishing Came First   Fishing for a Dream Kiesler’s dreamy acrylic paintings accompany a collection of lullabies with sea-faring themes. From the traditional to the contemporary, the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Eve Merriam, Rudyard Kipling, and others appear alongside traditional poems from France, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, and Hawaii. Sleepy images evoke their own rhythm of the sea, whether lapping waves, magical flying fish, or sailing ships. Fishing for Chickens Sixteen poignant short stories portray the special experience of growing up in rural America. In this unique collection, sixteen writers, both established and new, take us to the backwoods, farmlands, mountains, and coastal regions of the US—and into the lives of young people who are growing up there Fishing for Fun (Chatty Chums)   Fishing for Islands … From bamboo rafts to the double-hulled voyaging canoe, this book is a celebration of the history of the traditional boats of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. The lives of the people in these island countries have depended on the sea, and their ships reflect their mastery of sailing and shipbuilding. Fishing for Methuselah Ivan and Olaf are best friends and fierce competitors, especially as they compete to catch the legendary fish, Methuselah, during an ice fishing contest. Methuselah can’t stand their bickering and makes his own plans. Told with a strong storytelling voice, this comic tale carries a message about friendship. Fishing Hook (Learn-To-Read Series) No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. Four-year-old Zack feels indebted to his older cousin, Brian. But Brian is so much older, how will he ever be able to repay the favor? Fishing in a Brook … Fishing In A Brook: Angling Activities For Kids is the latest in a the Gibbs Smith series of activity books for children ages six and up. Author Lawson Drinkard shows kids how to make a pole; catch bait; cast a line; make a tackle box; fill the tackle box with bobbers, sinkers, poppers, spoons, and jigs. Fishing In A Brook also covers the different kinds of fish kids could catch and what to do with them once they have them caught Fishing in the Air A delirious verbal build-up a la “This is the house that Jack built” is matched by the calligraphic exuberance of images inspired by Chagall and Picasso. A boy and his father go fishing, a journey to a “secret place” to “catch the air . . and catch the breeze!” Fishing Spiders (Spider Discovery Library)   Fishing Summer Polluted waters and reduced fish populations are environmental disasters the world over. To help children understand what such a loss means, Canadian author Teddy Jam tells the moving story of the world, not so long ago, when the seas were full of fish. Full color. Fishing With Dad The author of the bestselling activity book The Kid’s Book of Fishing returns to the rod and reel with a new children’s storybook. In the voice of a young boy, Fishing with Dad invokes all the details and drama of the fishing experience, and perfectly captures the experience of going fishing from a child’s point of view. Fishing With Foster Fishing with Foster is a unique, one-of-a-kind, family fishing book that is sure to appeal to everyone age 5 to ninety-five. There are 25 humorous fishing tales from Foster’s fishing trips, many informative fishing tips and a fisherkid glossary. This book is told and written in Foster’s own youthful words. Many brilliant illustrations and classic photos bring Foster’s adventures to life. Fly Fishing (The Great Outdoors)   Fly-Fishing With Children : A Guide for Parents Philip Brunquell writes with humor and warmth, demonstrating conclusively that even young children can enjoy fly-fishing. For children not yet ready to fly-cast, Brunquell suggests alternate ways of presenting the fly. For older children, he recommends basic casts to learn and ways to practice casting, playing, and landing fish. Fly-Fishing with Trout-tail   Freshwater Fishing (The Great Outdoors)   Game Fishing (World of Sports (Mankato, Minn.)   Gator Tales: Going Fishing   Gift Jimmy Joe loves fishing, and when Fish Woman takes him on her boat, he catches his first Chinook–a huge salmon. But then they hear the “Pffffsst-HAH!” of killer whales exhaling through their blowholes, and Jimmy Joe throws his fish to one of the orcas, deciding that just seeing these whales is “better than catching a salmon.” Go Fish Thomas and his grandfather spend a summer day fishing, playing cards, and talking. The strength of this quiet story lies in the characters; Stolz draws detailed portraits of Thomas and his grandfather through their conversation, using precise, poetic language. The soft illustrations match the mood of the text Going Fishing …A Story Set in Bangladesh   Gone Fishin’ With Kids … How to Take Your Kid Fishing and Still Be Friends The ULTIMATE Father’s Day present! This is a book filled with useful, practical information about fishing with children. Some of the topics covered include: when to start; where to go; what to fish for; “the first experience”; what food to bring. The writing is light, simple, and to the point, and is filled with personal experiences, photos and cartoons. Gone Fishing Willie’s hopes of landing the biggest porgy in the bay end in failure, but the joys of anticipation and dreams of future successes compensate for an early disappointment. Pleasant fare for ardent fishermen and those ready for a beginning-level chapter book. Good Companion A superstitious fishing boat captain bristles when his crew pulls a young woman aboard in the middle of nowhere; women on board mean trouble. Months later, however, she appears again in a storm and mysteriously saves their lives. A nononsense tone lends authority to the supernatural theme. Gus and Grandpa Go Fishing   Higgins Bend Song and Dance Cranky Simon Henry is serious about fishing and has no time for being friendly. Social butterfly Potato Kelly, owner of the bait, tackle, and chowder store, bets Simon he can’t catch the huge ait-graspingcatfish that’s been spotted in the river. After a mighty but unsuccessful try, he decides to rejoin the human race. How Yussel Caught the Gefilte Fish … A young boy accompanies his father for the first time to catch the fish that will be made into gefilte fish for the Sabbath meal. Sunrise, sunset, and candles provide different kinds of light in the illustrations of early morning fishing and festive family meals. The boy’s pleasure and excitement and the strong family feeling add up to a Shabbos treat. I Can Go Fishing (Welcome Books: Sports) I Love Fishing (A Rookie Reader) This is one of our pre-schoolers favorite books. It is a short, simple, and sweet description of a child’s fishing adventure. It uses fun rhymes to describe all the activities that might occur while enjoying nature (“chase a goose, drink my juice”). Our three year old has memorized it and enjoys reading about all her favorite outdoor activities I Love You the Purplest Ages 3^-6. The setting is idyllic as two brothers and their Mama go fishing in the lake near their cabin until stars sprinkle the sky and the water turns dark as night. Max is boisterous; Julian is quieter; and both of them are rivals for their mother’s attention and her love. Who’s the best fisherman? Illustrated Sutra of the … The Illustrated Sutra of the One Hundred Parables is a 40 stories in 20 volumes children’s books. Even so, they are suitable for all ages as these beautifully illustrated books are like so many illuminating lights. Brilliant as the colors of childhood, radiant as the Mani jewel, we hope these lights may be passed from generation to generation It’s Wesley! The Adirondack Guide   Jelly Fishing with Sticker   Jesus Goes Fishing   Karen’s Fishing Trip It’s all-girl week at the lake with Karen’s family. Karen, Hannie and Nancy play at their secret clubhouse, learn to fish, tell stories around the campfire, and look for the Shadow Lake Monster! . Kid’s Guide to Fishing Secrets   Kids Gone Fishin’ (The Freshwater Angler) Dave Maas spent five summers working as head instructor and guide at Camp Fish, an educational fishing camp for kids located in northern Minnesota. During this time he gave classroom seminars and on-the-water demonstrations on topics ranging from how to find springtime crappies to the proper method for releasing big muskies. Kids’ Incredible Fishing Stories The author of Incredible Fish Stories turns his attention to young anglers who have their own stories to tell. Each tale has been verified by Morey and works both as exciting entertainment and as a you-can-do-it-too lesson to kids who are just starting to take their fishing–and reading about fishing–seriously. Killer Sharks, Killer People   Kitaq Goes Ice Fishing Five year old Kitaq, a contemporary Yup’ik boy, has never been ice fishing. Although it’s a long day of walking in the cold, his grandfather agrees that Kitaq is old enough to go. The oil paintings capture the brilliant colors of the region, Kitaq’s excitement, and how proud his parents and grandfather are of him. Kraken The novel is less about the kraken, a giant squid that twelve-year-old Tom Piccot battles in the waters off Newfoundland, than it is a story about daily life in a nineteenth-century fishing village, where Tom’s family eke out a living at the mercy of corrupt merchants. La Pesca De Nessa (Libros Colibri) A fine Spanish translation of Nessa’s Fish (Atheneum), in which a young girl cares for her grandmother who becomes ill one night during their autumn fishing expedition. Dramatic illustrations that depict Nessa protecting their catch of fish from various Arctic animals also portray the girl’s loving family, who come to the rescue in the morning. Lampfish of Twill A strong message of preservation and humanity toward wildlife underlies the adventure tale of young Eric, his pet sea gull, and a mysterious fisherman. The fantasy is sustained quite well, evolving logically and dissolving back into reality appropriately. Let’s Go Fishing for a Living   Let’s Go Fishing for Shellfish   Let’s Go Fishing in a Tournament   Let’s Go Fishing in the Ocean   Let’s Go Fishing on the Ice   Loon Lake Fishing Derby When Loon Lake holds a fishing derby, entrepreneurial Wally starts selling worms. But things quickly get out of hand as floods of fishermen descend and hordes of other worm sellers dig up gardens townside. Alliteration sometimes threatens to overwhelm the tale, but the busy watercolor illustrations bustle with a colorful cast of animal characters Lord of the Deep Lord of the Deep isn’t just about deep-sea fishing, it’s about deep thinking and even deeper feelings. Veteran young adult author Graham Salisbury has written a masterful tale that astutely illustrates that almost indecipherable point in adolescence when a boy becomes a man. Heartily recommended. Loudmouth George and the Fishing Trip Good old Loudmouth George has opened his big trap again, bragging to Harriet about his fishing skills. Imagine his dismay when he is then invited on Harriet and her father’s next fishing trip! McElligot’s Pool A small boy is fishing in the tiny, unpromising McElligot’s Pool, a puddle that (as a passing farmer informs our diminutive hero) is nothing but a hole where people dispose of their junk. But the boy is all optimism: what if the pool is deeper than anyone thinks? What if it connects to an underground stream that flows under the town to the sea? Michael’s Saturday Surprise   Mr. Bradley’s Day of Surprises   My First Fishing Trip   Nessa’s Fish (Aladdin Picture Books) When her grandmother falls ill during an ice-fishing expedition, an Inuit girl calls upon the teachings of her people to protect the ailing woman and save the cache of fish they caught. Although a fox, a pack of wolves, and even a bear are eager to get at Nessa’s catch, she knows exactly how to keep them at by until help arrives from the village. Not a Nibble! (Little Ark Book) Susie together with Mum and Dad and three brothers have a seven-day camping holiday at Lorne. Susie is the most determined to catch a fish but she has the least luck. In fact she catches nothing! Getting teased by her brothers doesn’t help. But Susie gets a special reward for her patience. Old Mahony and the Bear Family Furious when his ursine friend Big Bill’s raucous family scares away all the salmon, avid fisherman Old Mahoney sets a trap to get rid of the noisy bears but learns lessons in cooperation and camaraderie instead. Neither text nor watercolor pictures are outstanding, but the story’s pleasant humor makes it a satisfactory choice for transitional readers. Old Salt, Young Salt When the men at the shore refuse him the chance to help drag the boat to the water, Aaron recognizes how much he longs to be treated as an adult. During this day’s fishing trip, he’ll get the chance to earn his sea legs. First, the waves get the best of Dad, and while he’s recovering from nausea, Aaron has to steer. Next, Dad gets a bloody nose when he accidentally trips. Orcas Around Me : My Alaskan Summer Page chronicles the real events of her family’s fishing life from the perspective of her oldest son, Taiga, making him the voice of the first-person narration. Taiga and his brother, Ryland, spend a summer assisting their parents on fishing boats in Alaska, where experience becomes their best teacher Peg and the Whale   Roberto Goes Fishing –   Rockhopper (Little Ark Book (Sydney, N.S.W.).) Gr. 3^-5. Small for his age, Quentin is bullied at school, and he’s overprotected by his widowed mother, but he breaks free and finds his manhood when he meets a mysterious mentor who helps him be brave. This story from Australia has too much plot, including an incredible sea rescue and multiple coincidences; and the rite of passage stuff is too heavily underlined. Rosies Fishing Trip   Rub a Dub Dub In this extension of the familiar nursery rhyme, the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker go on a fishing trip and survive the sinking of their tub. The characters’ exaggerated expressions mirror their foolishness, but otherwise the artwork is pedestrian. Though the verse falters often, readers may still enjoy the silliness. Music is included. Salmon Summer Summer is a time of natural beauty and abundance at a family’s fish camp on Moser Bay at Kodiak Island, Alaska. Aleut Alex Shugak loves to eat tamuuq, chewy dried fish, especially if it comes from halibut, a fish nine-year-old Alex enjoys catching by using a hand line. In this photoessay, Alex also works with his father to catch a variety of salmon, which have just returned to a nearby stream to spawn. Sammy Wakes His Dad   Shark Beneath the Reef Like his father and grandfather before him, 14-year-old Tomás Torres dreams of catching a great shark in the Sea of Cortez — and he will catch it, although there are other things he should be thinking about. With an education, her could someday become a marine biologist. Splash!   Starting Fishing (First Skills Series) This British import includes a readable discussion, photos set on white backgrounds, and colorful graphics on how to fish in different environments, tips on what materials to use, and an overview of a variety of fish. Missing from the book, however, is adequate information for young fishers about treating one’s catch humanely. Superguides Fishing   Tale of a Tail Hungry Bear wants Fox’s freshcaught fish, but greedy Fox preserves his catch with a clever scheme: he tells Bear to catch his own by sitting all night with his tail in the lake. Bear falls for the deception but ends up with the last laughand a full stomach. Sandford’s folksy oil illustrations, rich with Slavic patterns, nicely complement this tale inspired by Hungarian folklore. Tales from the Cryptkeeper … Randy finds his uncle’s fishing hobby distasteful, and the fish do, too. In “”A Little Body of Work,”” a rebuilt Mustang comes to the aid of its loyal owner when the latter is challenged to a race The Big Fish: An Alaskan Fairytale   THE CALL OF THE WILD TALES OF THE FISH PATROL LT The Fish Bride and Other Gypsy Tales   The Fish of a Thousand Casts: Tales of Mischief and Mayhem in the Great Outdoors The Fish of Gold: And Other Finnish Folk Tales The Friends Go Fishing Bible Story   The Gift   Today I’m Going Fishing With My Dad After gamely describing the preparations made for a fishing trip with his father, the young narrator reveals to the reader his deep aversion for the sport, which he keeps hidden because he loves to spend time with his dad. Evocative watercolors accompany a story that is, unfortunately, more disheartening than heartwarming Tomorrow on Rocky Pond Homey details of a woodsy vacation are recounted by a brother and sister as the family sets out on an annual trek for days of berry-picking, hiking, swimming, and fishing. Simple, sunny watercolors celebrate family life and nature in a satisfying book Torch Fishing With the Sun Each afternoon Makoa’s grandfather canoes out to the horizon to catch the sun in his net, enabling the torch fishers on shore ”to attract fish to their spears.” When another boy casts doubt on his grandfather’s ability to ”pull the sun from the sky,” Makoa decides to ”believe in things [he] cannot see.” Luminous pastels, good for sharing in a group, add drama and atmosphere to the well-paced story. Where the Big Fish Are Although I haven’t actually read this book yet, I’m quite excited about the quality of the size. It’s the most pleasing of height/width proportions. I understand the thickness is exactly the thickness I need to be able to prop my portable television up at just the angle that I can see from my bed Young Fishing Enthusiast In a series of busy double-page spreads, this overview covers fishing as a sport and discusses and illustrates fishing gear, tackle, bait, casting technique, surf fishing, and fishing with flies, bobbers, sinkers, and lures. Informative and visually appealing, though somewhat repetitive, this book emphasizes treating fish humanely

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