Have you heard this phrase? Attempting to see how far reaching this phrase is; we asked several Zazzle employees for their answer:

Employee #1: Timeout. Bacon? Mmm bacon. That sounds amazing right now.

Employee #2: Uhm, what?

Employee #3: Whales scare me*, can we move on to a different topic?

Employee #4: I don’t get it.

It seems that this strange combination of narwhals and bacon hasn’t reached many people yet, but don’t worry if you’re one of them because we’ve got you covered! The Answer: The narwhal bacons at midnight. Originating in 2009 from comments on the website Reddit, this odd but funny phrase quickly became a way to identify as a Reddit user similar to using a secret code.

It seems the phrase and narwhals in general are starting to trend. We suspect this is most likely due to the awesomeness of bacon and maybe some superstar power from the narwhal’s cousin the unicorn.

Interestingly enough, there are currently no Sellers offering Narwhal + Bacon products. This might be an opportunity waiting for you!

*Note: This might be the scary whale one of the employees was talking about.

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