Aurora Borealis and Northern Lights Tours

Magnificent colours light up the sky. © Robert Postma

Late fall and winter visitors to Yukon are often treated to the mystical sight of the northern lights (aurora borealis), a northern celestial light show that illuminates Yukon nights from August to April. Pulsating streamers of green, yellow, magenta and blue arch and sway overhead as you take in the show from the comfort of your cozy cabin, viewing deck or steaming hot tub.

The Yukon enjoys some of the most lively and predictable displays of aurora borealis in the circumpolar North. Come and experience Yukon winter activities such as dog sledding or skiing by day and spend your nights watching the enchanting northern lights in the peaceful solitude of a Yukon winter night. Photographers will find themselves transfixed by these celestial shows. Just bring your curiosity, a thirst to watch and learn, and your camera. You’ll soon discover how the Yukon night sky nourishes not just your mind, but your heart and soul too.

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