photo: Sandy Smith

This image was taken by my friend, Sandy. She always gets the best shots of our Lemur Leaf Frog’s (Hylomantis lemur). These are the frogs that I always tell everyone about how amazing they are! They are hard to see during the day and look like lumps on a leaf. And yes there are five! This image shows the Lemur with it’s night colors. When we first got them, every time we would check on them early in the morning, we would panic and think that they were sick.

This species is endangered and ranges on the spine of the continental divide from Costa Rica through Western Panama. Probably my favorite species of frog that I got to work with in Panama, although it is really hard to pick. The diversity of amphibians in Central America is unmatched, as far as I’m concerned. Chytrid has taken it’s toll on this species as well.

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